American experts evaluate the crisis response of two opponents Trump-Biden

American experts evaluate the crisis response of two opponents Trump-Biden 0

(Dan Tri) – Former special advisor to President Bill Clinton said that the crisis in America about racism has opened up an opportunity for Democratic candidate Joe Biden to `score points` against opponent Donald Trump

Nelson Cunningham – special advisor to former US President Bill Clinton.

Opportunity for Joe Biden

In an online discussion organized by Fulbright University on June 8 with the topic `US Presidential Election, Covid-19 and China: The World in the Future`, Mr. Nelson Cunningham, special advisor of

According to Mr. Cunningham, in the past 2 weeks, protests against racism have shocked the United States after the death of African American citizen George Floyd – who was pinned down by police in Minneapolis city.

Mr. Cunningham said that Joe Biden is a `traditional politician` and always wants direct contact with the people.

According to Mr. Cunningham, who spent many years working with the former US Vice President, Mr. Biden entered politics in the 1970s and is a deeply knowledgeable politician.

Mr. Cunningham said Mr. Biden’s victory in South Carolina before he officially became the Democratic representative in the race for the White House later this year was thanks to the votes of African-American voters.

Accordingly, Mr. Cunningham believes that the current time is a good opportunity for Mr. Biden because the Democratic candidate clearly understands the problems of the black community and is willing to speak up about this issue `with confidence.`

Mr. Cunningham also said that the former US Vice President has clearly shown concern for protesters in the US in the last two weeks.

“He even knelt while talking to protesters,” Mr. Cunningham said.

According to Mr. Cunningham’s observation, over the past 3 months, Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party have increased their influence nationwide and in a number of battleground states.

President Trump’s approach

American experts evaluate the crisis response of two opponents Trump-Biden

Former US Vice President Joe Biden (left) and President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty)

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Cunningham, current President Donald Trump is also taking advantage of the current crisis in the US `in his own way`.

Mr. Cunningham mentioned that Mr. Trump used presidential power to deploy troops to the streets of Washington to deal with protests.

“Mr. Trump’s approach at this time is not to bring the whole country together.

According to Mr. Cunningham, the Covid-19 pandemic has made inequality between population classes in the US worse, when the most severely affected population group is those with low income and job loss.

Even military leaders have criticized President Trump.

`This is especially notable because in the American system, the military is often kept out of politics,` Mr. Cunningham said.

Mr. Cunningham said even former US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis or former Chief of Staff John Kelly also criticized President Trump.

Although current opinion polls show that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading his opponent Donald Trump, Mr. Cunningham said that the US presidential election is a fierce race to the last minute and that Donald himself


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