New Russian weapons make the world wary

New Russian weapons make the world wary 0

(Dan Tri) – In his Federal Message on March 1, President Vladimir Putin said that the world began to `listen` to Russia after Russia created new strategic weapons systems.

President Putin’s federal message revealed that Russia is developing many new strategic weapons.

President Putin `showed off` Russia’s strategic weapons range in his Federal Message

Blooomberg said that President Putin spent 1/3 of his 2-hour State of the Union speech talking about Russia’s series of new weapons, including nuclear weapons and traditional weapons.

The Kremlin boss said that the weapons systems that Russia is developing will make the US missile defense system `useless` and make the world start to `listen`.

Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile

According to President Putin’s description, this is a missile that can attack anywhere and can bypass missile defense systems.

President Putin said the new Sarmat missile using nuclear warheads is considered `invincible`.

President Putin revealed that the missile can penetrate all US shields

Nuclear cruise missile

This is a new type of Russian weapon that, according to President Putin, is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and has unlimited range.

Mr. Putin revealed that this system was successfully tested at the end of last year.

High speed diving equipment

Powered by nuclear power and launched from submarines, Russia’s high-speed diving device is said to have an intercontinental range and can attack aircraft carriers and coastal cities with warheads.

Mr. Putin affirmed that the ability to operate deep underwater and at high speed makes this weapon `ultimate`.

Hypersonic missile `Dagger`

President Putin also revealed that Russia has just completed testing of a new hypersonic weapon system and has deployed it in the South of the country since December 1, 2017.

“This type of missile flies at supersonic speeds and is capable of changing its flight path at any stage, so it can overcome any missile defense system.

Strategic hypersonic weapons

President Putin said this weapon is launched from missiles and is `completely invulnerable`.

“Tests of this complex have been completed.

Laser weapons

According to Putin, laser weapons can be placed on trucks and have been deployed since last year.

The head of the Kremlin said that laser weapons equipped to the army are an example of how Russia is one step ahead in the field of creating weapons based on new physical principles.

Why did President Putin change the location of his federal address?

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According to Bloomberg

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