Casemiro admitted that Man Utd is at a level far below Man City

Casemiro admitted that Man Utd is at a level far below Man City 2

(Dan Tri) – Midfielder Casemiro said that Man Utd’s new owners should use Man City as a `mirror` in their efforts to bring the team back to the top of English football.

Man Utd was defeated by Man City last night at Etihad Stadium, Ten Hag’s team lost 1-3 despite Marcus Rashford opening the score early.

This is the first Manchester derby since Sir Jim Ratcliffe bought 27% of the Old Trafford team’s shares and took control of the sports department.

Man City came from behind to defeat Man Utd at Etihad (Photo: EPL).

When Casemiro was asked if he saw positive signs from the new minority ownership group and whether Man Utd still had a long way to go to catch City, the Brazilian midfielder told ESPN: `That’s it.`

`Today they were the team we needed to beat, everyone wanted to beat Man City. We have an example here, it’s Man City, they did very well.`

Ratcliffe, Chairman and CEO of chemical company INEOS, has pledged to `knock Man City off their perch` within three years.

Man Utd fans hope that the appearance of the British billionaire will spark a revival after more than 10 years without a title for the `Red Devils`, during this time Man City has won the Premier League 6 times.

`Of course, when people come from outside, who want to complement and raise the level of the club, that’s always important,` Casemiro said.

`It is clear that the company INEOS and the new owners want to do this. I hope that they come and develop with us, because it is important that the club has people who want to develop here`

Casemiro admitted that Man Utd is at a level far below Man City

Man Utd only had 3 shots against Man City (Photo: EPL).

Man Utd took the lead over Man City thanks to Rashford’s excellent goal, but they gradually fell behind Man City.

Although the `Red Devils` only had 3 shots in the whole match, coach Erik ten Hag argued that the results did not show that there was a significant gap between the two teams.

`No, I don’t think so, absolutely not,` Man Utd coach said.

`You could see we had a lot of problems with injuries but we still had a chance. The margin was small and we could have scored the second goal in a controversial moment.`

`It’s not a big gap, when we have every player involved we can compete. I think we showed in the FA Cup final when the score gap was very small.

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