Former NATO commander calls for `neutralizing` Russia’s Kaliningrad lifeline

Former NATO commander calls for `neutralizing` Russia's Kaliningrad lifeline 0

(Dan Tri) – The former NATO commander proposed `neutralizing` Russia’s Kaliningrad region if Moscow endangers the security of the Baltic countries.

Russian warships in the Kaliningrad region (Photo: Reuters).

In an article published on Bloomberg on May 9, right on the occasion of Russia’s Victory Day celebration, former NATO supreme allied commander James Stavridis stated the opinion that Kaliningrad is the last remaining nuisance preventing

`A quick look at the map shows that is largely (but not entirely) true, the coastline contains some Russian territory. The rest of the coast is in NATO hands: Sweden, Finland,

Stavridis hailed last year’s Operation Baltic exercise as a demonstration of `how NATO can use its Baltic Sea forces within the scope of naval operations` to send an `ominous signal` to Russia.

`NATO can use its Baltic lakes to put pressure on tiny Kaliningrad, which acts as a geographical wedge between NATO’s Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – and the rest of the alliance.

`In the event of war, Kaliningrad would need to be neutralized so that Russian ground forces, likely operating through Moscow’s ally Belarus, could not control the important Suwalki region.

Former NATO commander calls for `neutralizing` Russia's Kaliningrad lifeline

Location of Kaliningrad region (Photo: TRT).

Kaliningrad is one of Russia’s 46 administrative regions, but is separate from other regions of the country.

According to observers, Kaliningrad is a territory of great importance because it is considered Russia’s `unsinkable aircraft carrier` in the heart of NATO.

In addition, Kaliningrad also borders the 60km long Suwalki corridor, connecting Poland with the Baltic countries.

Over the years, Russia has modernized and strengthened its forces in Kaliningrad.

Some experts say that Kaliningrad’s strategic location makes the region a threat to NATO, but also a weakness for Russia.

On the other hand, St.

With Finland and Sweden joining NATO, the Gulf of Finland area will become a bottleneck if a conflict scenario occurs.

Additionally, NATO control of the Denmark Strait – which connects the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and borders Denmark, Sweden and Norway – will allow the alliance to further limit the activities of the Fleet

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