Man Utd reaches Europa League final: Miraculous treasure…

Man Utd reaches Europa League final: Miraculous treasure... 2

(Dan Tri) – Edinson Cavani is considered a `miracle treasure`.

Space `assassin`.

After the match against AS Roma, coach Solskjaer nodded: `Cavani’s performance shows why we want him to stay at Old Trafford.`

Cavani showed his superb positional ability.

Cavani’s two goals only highlight Man Utd’s ability to advance?

On a day when every position of Man Utd played under their strength, there were only two faces that coach Solskjaer gave praise to.

Back to Cavani.

Both of Cavani’s goals against AS Roma at the Olimpico deserve to be considered prime examples of the classic `number 9`.

Legendary Roy Keane once lamented that Man Utd did not necessarily need to keep a 34-year-old player like Cavani.

Man Utd reaches Europa League final: Miraculous treasure...

From a stuntman, Cavani rose to become the hero of Man Utd.

It’s true that Cavani came to Man Utd as a stuntman.

But up to this point, everyone admits that Cavani is the piece of the puzzle that Man Utd is missing.

Strikers like Cavani were once considered `space assassins`, meaning they could choose extremely good positions to finish off opponents.

Cavani’s `fire` burns for the last time

In the famous comic book Doraemon, a robot cat from the future only needs to reach into a magical bag to take out treasures.

Cavani seems to be the last treasure taken out by coach Solskjaer, at the decisive stage of the season.

Man Utd reaches Europa League final: Miraculous treasure...

Cavani is burning for the last time for the European Cup title.

At a time when Man Utd’s younger players were showing signs of slowing down (when faced with stress), Cavani suddenly became effective.

At the age of 34, Cavani has gone through many ups and downs in his career.

Few people expect that El Matador has not won any European Cup title in his career.

Of course, Cavani is no longer energetic enough to plow through every match like the younger players.

Man Utd and Cavani only have 1 more match to achieve a miracle.

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