Revealing Israeli missiles capable of surpassing Russia’s `fire dragon` S-300 in Syria

Revealing Israeli missiles capable of surpassing Russia's `fire dragon` S-300 in Syria 0

(Dan Tri) – Israel has developed a new Rampage hypersonic missile that is said to be capable of surpassing the S-300 air defense system deployed by Russia in Syria.

A Rampage missile is launched from an F-16 fighter jet.

According to journalist Florian Rotzer of Telepolis magazine, Israel’s latest Rampage air-to-ground hypersonic missiles are designed to not be intercepted by modern Russian-made S-300 missile defense systems.

In an article published on April 19, Rotzer quoted information from Israeli media saying that the Israeli Air Force first used Rampage missiles a week ago.

Rotzer said Israeli satellite intelligence company ImageSat International has released satellite images of facilities attacked by Rampage missiles, claiming that these are missile production facilities linked to Iranian forces in the area.

Also according to journalist Rotzer, Israel’s Rampage missile airstrike campaign was described by this country’s media as a move to respond to Russia’s upgraded air defense system in Syria.

Rotzer said that the Rampage missiles are capable of `surpassing` all missile defense systems, including the S-300, and that the recent airstrike in Hama could be a form of `advertising for the products`.

The new Rampage missile was announced last year by the Israel Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Aerospace Industries Corporation.

The Rampage missile is 4.7m long, can carry 150kg of warhead and is guided by a GPS navigation system.

According to journalist Rotzer, Rampage, a missile capable of operating in all weather conditions, is designed to specifically attack targets protected by air defense systems.

Israel’s plan

Revealing Israeli missiles capable of surpassing Russia's `fire dragon` S-300 in Syria

S-300 missile defense system (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Israeli media said the deployment of Ramgpage in Syria is also to check whether the Russian S-300 system is located near attacked facilities or not, and detect, track and shoot down aircraft.

Earlier this week, Yoel Strick, a general in the Israeli Air Force, told YNet News that if Syria used S-300 systems to attack Israeli aircraft, the country would have a legitimate reason to respond.

“If our freedom of movement is threatened, we will eliminate that threat.

In a comment on Twitter, military analyst Babak Taghvaee said Israel had to use Rampage missiles because of fear of potential damage if Syria activated the S-300 system.

According to the website Uawire, Russia compares the Rampage missile with Moscow’s Kinzhal missile because the flight paths of both are very difficult to intercept.

Israeli planes reportedly conducted air strikes against a facility suspected to be a missile factory linked to Iran on the outskirts of Hama city, Syria last week.

The Israeli Air Force has conducted hundreds of attacks across Syria in recent years.

However, Iran has rejected all of Syria’s accusations and affirmed that it only sent military advisers to Syria at the request of Damascus to help Syria fight terrorism.

Israeli attacks on targets in Syria have decreased significantly since the end of last year after Russia deployed the S-300 system to Syria.

The Russian military decided to move the S-300 system to the capital Damascus, Syria after the Syrian air defense system accidentally shot down a Russian Il-20 military aircraft, killing 15 soldiers on board in Latakia.

After the above incident, Russia blamed the Israeli Air Force for deliberately using the Il-20 aircraft as a shield while attacking targets in Syria.

Late last year, Israeli media reported that the US and Israel sent secret military delegations to Ukraine to learn how to deal with the S-300 system that Russia recently transferred to Syria.


According to Sputnik

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