Russia plans to add cluster munitions to missiles that Ukraine has not been able to intercept

Russia plans to add cluster munitions to missiles that Ukraine has not been able to intercept 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine said that Russia seems to be planning to add cluster warheads to the Kh-32 missile, an upgraded version of the Kh-22.

Russia’s Tu-22M3 carries Kh-32 missiles (Photo: Defense Express).

The National Resistance Center of Ukraine (NRC) announced that it has obtained evidence that Russian forces plan to equip Kh-32 cruise missiles with cluster munitions.

NRC posted a text that they claimed was from a document of the Raduga Design Bureau (Dubna, Moscow) – a famous Russian cruise missile manufacturer – obtained by Kiev from private sources.

Documents reveal that in October 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense assigned engineers the task of improving the Kh-32 cruise missile with a cluster munition carrying variant.

The text mentions the phrase `product 132`, referring to the Kh-32 missile.

Defense Express commented that the Russian military industry may be researching a unified warhead that can be equipped on both the Kh-32 and Kh-22.

This is understandable because even though it has been around for decades, the Kh-22 is still considered a formidable missile.

Even with advanced air defense systems provided by the West, Ukraine has still not found a way to successfully neutralize the threat of the Kh-22/Kh-32 series.

Therefore, Russia continues to improve this missile because it still plans to increase its attack capabilities, especially when it can effectively overcome Ukraine’s air defense.

Kh-32 is basically a modernized version of Kh-22.

Russia said that compared to the Kh-22, the Kh-32 has a reduced warhead weight, allowing it to increase its firing range to 1,000km.

Kh-32 uses a radar guidance system.

Documents posted by the NRC say Russia will likely produce 14 test warhead models for the Kh-32 and Kh-22.

Russia has not commented on the information provided by Ukraine.

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