Russia’s new firepower tactics make Ukraine struggle to defend

Russia's new firepower tactics make Ukraine struggle to defend 0

(Dan Tri) – Experts say Russia’s new long-range raid tactics are making it difficult for Ukraine to prevent them.

Russia’s Iskander-M missile complex (Photo: Getty).

Over the past 27 months, Russia has carried out long-range attacks on Ukraine using missiles and suicide UAVs.

To deal with this, Russia uses a variety of weapons to confuse Ukrainian air defense systems.

According to Forbes, in recent times, Russia has continued to improve its firepower tactics to make things difficult for Ukraine.

By combining different types of missiles in each attack, Russian forces are overwhelming and confusing Ukrainian air defense systems.

Ukraine has very little time to detect and react appropriately to incoming missiles.

Starting from the end of last year, Russia reduced the frequency of using the Shahed suicide UAV.

Crimea’s proximity to the attacked targets caused Ukraine to significantly reduce interception time.

Ukraine’s air defense has had difficulty intercepting Iskander and Kh-22 missiles from the beginning of the war until now when the rate of shooting down these weapons is not high.

According to Forbes, Russia’s reduction in the frequency of using Shahed seems to be because Ukraine has found a way to effectively shoot down this UAV.

Although the missile costs much more than UAVs, its flight time is short and its trajectory is unpredictable, making it difficult for Ukraine to intercept.

On the other hand, Russia is also improving suicide UAVs seemingly to continue to find ways to overcome Ukraine’s air defense in the future.

Experts say that Russia’s increased missile attacks are also related to Ukraine’s serious lack of anti-aircraft weapons.

In addition, in the previous period, launching ballistic missiles from Crimea would have been a risky move for Russia because Ukraine could detect and target Moscow’s launch pads with firepower.

This tactic also shows Russia’s high-speed military production capabilities.

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