Russia warns Ukraine and its allies about a global tragedy

Russia warns Ukraine and its allies about a global tragedy 0

(Dan Tri) – Chairman of the Russian State Duma warned that Ukraine is drawing the US and Europe into a large-scale global war.

Chairman of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin (Photo: AFP).

`The Kiev government is dragging America and European countries into a large-scale war,` Chairman of the Russian State Duma (House of Representatives) Vyacheslav Volodin, a member of the Russian Security Council, declared on June 16.

He said that Ukrainian lawmakers are trying to convince Washington to allow Kiev to use US-supplied weapons to attack Russian territory.

`This path leads to a tragedy that can affect all humanity. Western politicians need to be aware of their responsibility and do everything possible to avoid turning the situation into a global tragedy,` he said.

Russia has repeatedly warned that the use of US and Western weapons against targets inside Russian territory could escalate tensions and lead to a new confrontation.

`Any American or European weapons used to attack peaceful cities of the Russian Federation will lead to (Russia) using more powerful weapons to protect its citizens,`

During a visit to Washington, USA on May 14, David Arakhamia, leader of the ruling Serve the People party in the Ukrainian parliament,┬ásaid the main problem now is White House policy that is limiting Kiev’s ability to

Ukrainian lawmakers have scheduled meetings with more than 10 US congressional offices to lobby for policy changes.

`The aid is for defensive purposes, not for offensive operations on Russian territory,` a US official said.

Referring to the controversial issue of attacks on Russian territory, the US Secretary of State said: `We do not encourage or authorize attacks outside of Ukraine, but ultimately Ukraine will have to make its own decisions.`

In contrast to the US, the UK recently lifted restrictions on weapons it supplied to Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials said they have the right to attack Russian targets because the country is under daily attack from Russian missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week accused the West of risking a global conflict, saying no one was allowed to threaten Russia.

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