Russia’s most modern multi-purpose armored vehicle was seized in Ukraine

Russia's most modern multi-purpose armored vehicle was seized in Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) – The Ukrainian army is said to have seized armored vehicle AMN-590951, one of the newest and most modern weapons used by Russia at the Kherson battlefield.

Russian multi-purpose armored vehicle AMN-590951 was seized in Kherson province, southern Ukraine (Photo:

Images posted on social networks show that the Russian army’s AMN-590951 armored vehicle was seized by the Ukrainian side in the Kherson area.

This is a deeply upgraded version of the VPK-Ural armored vehicle.

In the upgraded version AMN-590951, Russia’s most modern armored vehicle has been equipped with many additional features based on practical experience from the Ukrainian battlefield.

Accordingly, AMN-590951 has enhanced engine protection and a turret with a 12.7mm Kord heavy machine gun.

Russia's most modern multi-purpose armored vehicle was seized in Ukraine

The multi-purpose armored vehicle AMN-590951 has only been launched since August 2022 (Photo:

In recent times, many modern Russian military equipment have been seized by Ukraine.

The weapons seized above include the Zoopark-1M counter-fire radar, Orlan-10 UAV complex with command post and user manuals, 1B14 fire command vehicle, and PTKM-1R anti-tank mine.

In particular, the T-90M `Proryv` super tank, one of the new and most modern main battle tanks in Russian military service, was also discovered and seized by Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkov province.

This tank is equipped with many new and extremely modern technologies such as a multi-channel observation system and real-time exchange of combat information, Nakidka coating capable of absorbing radar waves, and advanced explosive reactive armor.

Leaving the above equipment intact caused many people to express concern that many modern Russian military technologies will fall into the hands of not only the Ukrainian army but also the intelligence forces of many allied countries.

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