The First Lady of Ukraine does not want her husband to run for president again

The First Lady of Ukraine does not want her husband to run for president again 0

(Dan Tri) – First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska admitted that she does not want Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky to continue as president of Ukraine for the second term.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife (Photo: AP).

In an interview with Ukrainian media, Ms. Zelenska admitted that she did not want Mr. Zelensky to hold the position of president of the Eastern European country in the future.

According to her, Mr. Zelensky and his wife will find something new in this life and they are creative enough to think of a really interesting activity to do in the future.

When asked to predict the future of herself and her family, Ms. Zelenska said: `Our family will come back together. We will live together, with my husband and children. We will go.`

In an interview with AP published on December 1, Mr. Zelensky said that he was ready to hold presidential elections next year, but most Ukrainians thought this would be a `dangerous and meaningless` move in the future.

Previously, a survey showed that 62% of Ukrainian respondents believed that elections should be held after the war with Russia ended.

With Mr. Zelensky’s five-year presidential term about to end according to regulations, discussions are emerging in Ukraine about whether to hold elections amid still-fierce fighting.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on November 3 that Mr. Zelensky was considering holding elections as scheduled in March 2024, but a few days later, the President of Ukraine rejected this idea because he considered it `irresponsible.`

According to the Ukrainian Constitution, elections are prohibited while the country is under martial law.

Ukrainian officials say there are clear logistical and security challenges involved in holding free and fair elections during wartime.

In an interview with AP, Mr. Zelensky also admitted that the Russia-Ukraine war has entered a new phase, with winter expected to make the fighting more complicated and the world’s attention shifting.

He admitted that Ukraine’s latest counteroffensive did not achieve what was expected due to lack of weapons and manpower.

`There is not enough military power to achieve the desired results faster. But this does not mean we should give up or surrender. We are confident in ourselves. We fight for what belongs to us.

`Look, we are not backing down and this is something I feel satisfied with. We are fighting the second strongest army in the world, I am satisfied,` he said.

The Ukrainian President emphasized: `We are losing many people, I am not satisfied. We do not have all the weapons we want, I am not satisfied but I cannot complain too much.`

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