The reason why US-made UAVs `disappeared` in the Ukrainian battlefield

The reason why US-made UAVs `disappeared` in the Ukrainian battlefield 0

(Dan Tri) – The US Wall Street Journal said that small UAVs produced in this country are encountering a series of problems in Ukraine, making them ineffective in combat.

A Skydio UAV (Photo: WSJ).

Skydio company sent hundreds of its best drones to Ukraine to help deal with Russia, but they performed very unconvincingly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources on the scene showed that Skydio’s UAV continuously deviated and strayed due to Russia’s electronic warfare system.

According to the US newspaper, most UAVs from this country’s startups have unconvincing performances in Ukraine.

In addition, the US newspaper also commented that this is also bad news for the Pentagon in the context that UAVs are increasingly becoming important weapons in warfare.

Wall Street Journal commented that American companies are `disappearing` in Ukraine, in a war where small UAVs are playing an important role.

U.S.-made UAVs are expensive, prone to malfunctions and difficult to repair, Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines and Kiev officials say.

Skydio CEO Adam Bry admitted that, in Ukraine, US UAVs are considered not to perform as well as other systems.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Ukrainian government officials as saying that US-made drones are very fragile and cannot overcome Russian GPS jamming technologies.

Sometimes, they can’t take off, complete their mission, or return.

Drone manufacturers in the US admitted that when creating these UAVs, they did not consider the electronic warfare scenario that would become so popular in Ukraine.

However, against an electronic warfare power like Russia, they become ineffective.

In the context of UAV supply problems from the West, Ukraine must find a way to save itself in order to develop its own drones.

The Ukrainian army uses about 10,000 UAVs every month, so they have to take the initiative themselves because if they only buy expensive American UAVs, they will not have enough budget.

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