Democratic voters are shaken by Mr. Trump’s immigration `card`.

Democratic voters are shaken by Mr. Trump's immigration `card`. 0

(Dan Tri) – More and more Democratic voters are disappointed with the way US President Joe Biden handles the immigration issue.

Former President Donald Trump (far left) and Texas Governor Greg Abbott visited the US-Mexico border in Eagle Pass city in February (Photo: Reuters).

Ms. Gracie Martinez is a Latina from the city of Eagle Pass, Texas.

`It’s terrible. There are many people and they are being given medicine, money and phones,` she told AP.

Also in Eagle Pass, Rudy Menchaca, a bar owner, said problems at the border are affecting his business.

`I need soldiers around when I do business. Bad people can break in,` he said of Texas state troopers deployed to the border.

Eagle Pass is a rare Democratic stronghold in Texas, where Republicans dominate.

Voters’ frustration

According to a survey published by AP in March, about two-thirds of Americans polled disapprove of Mr. Biden’s handling of border security, including about 40% of Democrats and 55% of blacks.

Meanwhile, another recent survey by the Pew polling center showed that 45% of Americans consider the situation to be at a `crisis` level, while 32% think this is a `big problem`.

Experts assess that the immigration issue will have a lot of impact on this year’s US election.

`Immigration will clearly be one of the dominant issues, if not the most dominant, in the 2024 election. It is unlikely that border crossings will ease this spring and summer, unless

In the remaining months, both sides will spend a lot of effort to prove that the opponent has wrong policies, as well as affirm that their party will bring a solution.

Democratic voters are shaken by Mr. Trump's immigration `card`.

President Joe Biden (far left) met with US border force officers in Texas in February (Photo: Reuters).

Mr. Biden’s election committee recently launched a $30 million advertising campaign targeting Latino voters in `battleground` states.

The White House is also considering a series of measures to limit immigration.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s team does not hide the fact that the former president will target immigration issues when campaigning in `battleground` states.

When the number of arrests of illegal immigrants at the US southwest border is reaching a record level, Mr. Trump calls this an `invasion` directed by Democrats to fundamentally change America.

`Headache` for Democrats

The border issue has such a huge impact that even people far from the border feel the impact.

Mr. Trump’s allies, notably Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have used state money to pay for bus routes carrying more than 100,000 immigrants to Democratic-controlled cities such as New York and Denver.

Leaders of these cities have to deal with the headache of providing food, shelter and medical care for immigrants, while city budgets are becoming increasingly tight.

According to Newsweek, among voters who voted for Mr. Biden in 2020, 38% supported building a wall on the border between the US and Mexico, while only 34% opposed.

`Many people thought that this was something that Democrats could not agree on. However, politics based on fear has spread among the American people,` said professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, expert

`The way the border issue is described by conservatives in the US (with certain success) also affects the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democrats have not been able to describe the issue from another perspective,` she said.

For their part, more and more Democratic voters in Eagle Pass are considering voting for Mr. Trump, even though this is not the candidate they fully support.

`Choosing between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump is difficult because I am a member of the Democratic Party. However, I do not like what is going on around me. I do not like what is happening at the border. I have

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