The US is concerned that Russia’s momentum will change the course of the Ukraine conflict

The US is concerned that Russia's momentum will change the course of the Ukraine conflict 0

(Dan Tri) – US officials have recently become increasingly concerned that Russia’s momentum is changing the trajectory of the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia’s main goal when attacking Kharkov is said to be to attract Ukrainian forces from the Eastern front (Illustration: New York Times).

Just 18 months ago, White House and Pentagon officials debated whether Russian forces in Ukraine could collapse and be completely pushed out of Ukraine.

Now, after months of Russia making slow progress on the ground and technological leaps in countering Western weapons aid to Ukraine, US President Joe Biden’s administration is increasingly concerned that

In recent days, the Russian army launched a new attack near Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city, forcing Kiev to send forces from other fronts to support.

Artillery and drones provided by the US and NATO were neutralized by Russian electronic warfare systems.

Furthermore, the stagnation of Western aid to Ukraine gives Russia an additional advantage.

Due to the delay in US aid, Russia was able to gain a major artillery advantage over Ukraine.

Michael Kofman, a Russia expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, emphasized that Russia cannot maintain all those advantages forever.

`In 2024, the Russian army has an advantage in material and strategic initiatives, although it may not be decisive. This year is an open opportunity for Russia. But if the Russian army cannot turn these

Russia may lose some advantages when Ukraine receives additional aid from the West and Ukraine mobilizes more young soldiers to join the army.

However, between now and then, it is difficult to predict Kiev’s ability to hold the line against Russia’s onslaught of attacks.

Whether temporary or not, Russia’s new momentum is most evident in Kharkiv.

Some experts warn that Russia’s real strategic goal in Kharkov is to force the Ukrainian army to mobilize forces to hold the line in Kharkov, thereby weakening the line elsewhere.

`Russia’s offensive goal may be to attract Ukraine’s reserve forces and elite units, then lock them in Kharkov, thereby weakening Ukraine’s other fronts. Russia’s main goal

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