Ukraine launched a series of missiles and bombarded Russian territory

Ukraine launched a series of missiles and bombarded Russian territory 0

(Dan Tri) – The Russian air defense system shot down a series of Ukrainian missiles and drones

People clean up debris after the partial collapse of a multi-storey apartment complex in Belgorod city, Russia on May 12 (Photo: Reuters).

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on May 13 that the country’s air defense system shot down 16 missiles and 31 drones launched by Ukraine into Russian territory overnight, including 12 missiles that flew over the border area.

Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov confirmed that 5 houses were damaged in Belgorod.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 12 guided missiles were launched from Ukraine’s Vilkha multiple rocket system to attack Russian territory.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that 4 Storm Shadow missiles and 7 drones were shot down over the Crimean peninsula, 8 drones were destroyed over the Kursk region and 4 were intercepted over the Lipetsk region.

According to Lipetsk region governor Igor Artamonov, a drone caused a fireĀ at an electricity substation in the Kursk region.

`There were no casualties. The fire at the electrical transformer station was extinguished,` Mr. Artamonov said.

Previously, Russian officials said on May 12 that 15 people died in Belgorod when part of a 10-story apartment building collapsed after being hit by rocket debris.

Kiev has said targeting Russia’s military, transport and energy infrastructure would weaken Moscow’s war effort and serve as a response to Russia’s attack.

AFP quoted Ukrainian defense sources as saying on May 9 that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) used drones to attack an oil refinery facility in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan.

Sources confirmed that the drone flew 1,500km into Russian territory.

Kiev has stepped up drone attacks on oil refining facilities in Russia since the beginning of the year, disrupting 15% of Russia’s oil refining capacity according to an estimate by a NATO official in early April.

Because it cannot keep up with the number of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, Ukraine has focused on developing and producing long-range drones to be able to respond to Moscow.

The head of Ukraine’s weapons production unit said Kiev is producing deep attack drones in the same quantity as Russia, and claimed to have achieved parity with the main weapon used by Moscow.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed in March that the White House had asked Ukraine to stop attacks on Russian energy infrastructure, including oil refineries.

However, he emphasized that Ukraine will continue such attacks if the US does not provide Kiev with more modern weapons.

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