China’s third aircraft carrier goes to sea for the first time: A formidable opponent for the US?

China's third aircraft carrier goes to sea for the first time: A formidable opponent for the US? 0

(Dan Tri) – China can upgrade the size of its navy when the country’s newest aircraft carrier conducts sea trials.

Phuc Kien aircraft carrier of the Chinese Navy (Photo: Sputnik).

Fujian aircraft carrier – China’s most advanced and completely domestically designed and built ship, first launched to the public in June 2022 – left dock at Jiangnan Shipyard in

This is the country’s third aircraft carrier.

The Chinese Navy said Fujian’s sea trials will evaluate `the reliability and stability of the ship’s propulsion and electrical power systems`.

China has the world’s largest navy by number of ships.

Phuc Kien is a Chinese aircraft carrier developed and built entirely domestically, with a displacement of more than 80,000 tons, a length of about 316m and an average width of 72m.

The Fujian aircraft carrier has a flat flight deck, 2 elevators for fighters, 3 electromagnetic aircraft launching systems, and 4 layers of aircraft braking cables.

Fujian’s propulsion is said to be based on a conventional steam turbine with a diesel generator.

According to the media, the Fujian ship can carry about 60 aircraft, including 40 combat aircraft, such as the J-15, in addition to anti-submarine helicopters and airborne early warning and control aircraft.

The Fujian aircraft carrier’s sea trials will take at least about a year, before the ship is officially put into operation in 2025 or 2026.

Can the Fujian ship challenge US aircraft carriers?

One question is whether the Fujian aircraft carrier can compete with the US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R Ford.

Although the US warship has a length of 333m, a displacement of 100,000 tons more, and is powered by nuclear power compared to the conventionally powered Fujian, there are some aspects in which China claims its ship.

The main features of the Fujian – 3 electromagnetic catapults and arresting device – are on par with the Ford.

Chinese ships can be equipped with three catapults with independent power sources, unlike US aircraft carriers.

The Fujian is said to use integrated electric propulsion powered by a steam generator.

However, US aircraft carriers run on nuclear power, so their range is not limited.

Fujian’s multi-function integrated electronic tower is said to be ahead of Ford’s traditional configuration.

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