Eastern Ukraine’s `fortress belt` is threatened

Eastern Ukraine's `fortress belt` is threatened 0

(Dan Tri) – Russia is making tactical progress northwest of Avdiivka, putting Ukraine’s `fortress belt` in the East under threat.

Ukrainian soldiers on an armored personnel carrier near Chasiv Yar, Donetsk (Photo: AFP).

Business Insider on April 29 quoted analysts’ comments as saying that the Russian army appears to be making tactical advances just northwest of Avdiivka toward the `fortress belt` which is a chain of Ukrainian cities in

Although it remains to be seen whether the Russian command will concentrate troops in that area, they are setting the stage for offensive operations in this direction.

With Russian forces continuing to consolidate positions northwest of Avdiivka, they now have a choice of targets to pursue.

However, according to a new assessment from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russia may choose to conduct additional offensive operations around Chasiv Yar, a city near Avdiivka.

`The Russian military command may decide that advancing north along the H-20 highway will allow Russian forces to conduct additional offensive operations from the east and south against

However, Russia cannot easily or quickly achieve this goal.

According to ISW, currently, Ukrainian officials say Russia has deployed four brigades, `almost equal to the combat power of a reinforced division`, northwest of Avdiivka to stabilize areas of the front and

Despite facing severe manpower shortages and overall disadvantages, Ukraine appears to have slowed Russian advances near Avdiivka with reinforcements reconstituted in the area.

What matters for Ukraine now is when they can receive new aid packages from the US and European countries and whether they will be enough to help Kiev repel Moscow’s potential summer attack.

In an article published in The House magazine over the weekend, former British Defense Secretary James Heappey said that Ukraine needs new aid packages, similar to those announced by Western allies and partners last week.

`A stalemate or failure of Ukraine risks leading to a new Cold War lasting decades and costing an additional $3,000 trillion,` Mr. Heappey said.

The former British Defense Minister noted that recent aid packages from the US and UK will not immediately help Ukraine gain the upper hand, launching an attack that brings `quick and complete victory`.

`My expectation is that with the huge influx of support from the West we will see a stabilization of the front line and while the fighting will be fierce, I think there will be no major fluctuations in the situation,` he said.

According to him, Ukrainian brigades need to be trained to be able to coordinate effectively with artillery and air support.

He also expressed doubts about whether Ukrainian forces would be ready to take down Russia in 2025 or even 2026.

The above comment was made in the context of the US and Western countries resuming aid to Ukraine after about half a year of stagnation.

Previously, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that if the West did not quickly provide weapons aid, Kiev could lose the war with Moscow.

According to analysts, Russia can take advantage of the time Kiev waits for aid to increase attacks on territories controlled by Ukraine.

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