Ly Hai’s `Face Off 7` monopolizes the holiday, will it break Tran Thanh’s record?

Ly Hai's `Face Off 7` monopolizes the holiday, will it break Tran Thanh's record? 3

(Dan Tri) – Ly Hai’s `Face Off 7` is showing many good signs, predicted to achieve positive revenue, surpassing previous films.

Initial optimistic signal

After the success of the previous films, the Face Off franchise made by Ly Hai returns with part 7 titled One Wish.

Officially opening on April 26, Face 7: One Wish received many positive signals through pre-sale tickets.

Ly Hai behind the scenes of the movie `Face Off 7` (Photo: Provided by the film crew).

On social networks, many viewers who watched the premiere left positive comments.

During the premiere on April 24, Ly Hai said Flip 7: One Wish is a work that shows feelings about family life, conveying a message about the power of friendship.

With an easy-to-enjoy theme and many emotional details that suit the tastes of the majority, the film is expected to make the Vietnamese box office race more attractive after the gloomy period after the Lunar New Year.

However, there are also opinions that the film makes mistakes in spreading content, lacking highlights, and some details are not resolved satisfactorily.

Expert Nguyen Phong Viet told Dan Tri reporter: `In part 7, Ly Hai falls into making viewers cry. The movie is like 4 stories put together, the way of building characters lacks depth, there are scenes similar to

Ly Hai's `Face Off 7` monopolizes the holiday, will it break Tran Thanh's record?

Ly Hai and his wife Minh Ha at the movie premiere on April 24 (Photo: Character Facebook).

`Monopolizing` the holiday season, how much revenue is expected?

Despite some mixed opinions, Ly Hai’s work is still considered by critics to dominate the holiday box office in the absence of many formidable competitors.

Currently, the movie The Price of Happiness is showing signs of cooling down, the number of tickets sold per day is only about 1/7 of that of Face Off 7: One Wish.

Before Love – a film about the sexual theme of young people – has a low screening rate and poor occupancy rate, so far it has only reached 3.6 billion VND in revenue.

Ly Hai's `Face Off 7` monopolizes the holiday, will it break Tran Thanh's record?

Artist Thanh Hien plays the main role in the film (Photo: Screenshot).

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duong, founder of Box Office Vietnam, commented that Flip 7 has many advantages in the holiday theater race, potentially aiming for the record of the highest-grossing installment ever in the Flip movie series.

`The advantage of the film is that there are no works, both foreign and Vietnamese films, released in theaters at the same time. In May, Hollywood films released in theaters are all quite new to the audience, so it is difficult to explode.

Ly Hai understands the audience’s tastes and is willing to renew himself, and the quality of the film is also good.

Expert Le Hong Lam commented on his personal page: `The movie is very warm. I believe that anyone who watches this movie will love life and believe in people more, even though real life can be darker than that.

Ly Hai's `Face Off 7` monopolizes the holiday, will it break Tran Thanh's record?

The director and cast crew interacted with the audience within the framework of the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival on April 12 (Photo: Provided by the character).

There are also opinions that Ly Hai’s film will stop at around 300 billion VND, difficult to surpass Mai’s record of 520 billion VND (directed by Tran Thanh).

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duong said that the April 30 holiday is shorter than Tet, so Flip 7 is unlikely to reach 400 or 500 billion VND.

Talking to reporters, expert Nguyen Phong Viet said that at present it is difficult to predict the exact revenue level that Flip 7 will achieve.

`The fact that Ly Hai changed the movie genre, from a familiar action theme, to a family drama, makes it more difficult to accurately predict than usual. I think we need a few more days to observe the market. However, the movie

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