How does the Gaza conflict affect minority communities in Israel?

How does the Gaza conflict affect minority communities in Israel? 0

(Dan Tri) – About 1/4 of Israel’s population is not Jewish.

Israel entered the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’s attack (Photo: The Times).

The Economist reported that on November 19, the small hillside town of Peki’in in the Galilee was packed.

Thousands of people came to say goodbye to Jamal Abbas, a 23-year-old paratrooper from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who was killed while on duty in Gaza.

In the central area of Israel’s Druze community, which has a population of 150,000 people, about six soldier funerals have been held since October 7.

Other non-Jewish Israelis are also on the front lines.

In the days after the attack, Jewish and Bedouin NGOs jointly established a center in Rahat, predominantly Israeli Bedouin in eastern Gaza, where volunteers from other communities

The fate of the Bedouin hostages held by Muslims in Gaza is unpredictable.

Three-quarters of Israel’s 2 million Arabs are Muslim Palestinians.

Wurud Jayusi, head of the Arabic Academy at Beit Berl University, north of Tel Aviv, said: `Arab and Muslim citizens are unanimously outraged at what Hamas has done… We are also

How does the Gaza conflict affect minority communities in Israel?

Israeli soldiers (Photo: AFP).

A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute – a Jerusalem think tank – found that the percentage of Arab Israelis who said they approved of the state was at an all-time high in the first weeks of the

During the most recent outbreak of fighting in Gaza, in 2021, riots broke out in many of Israel’s Jewish-Arab towns.

Disturbances have so far not occurred during this time, but that may be because Arab Israelis fear the current right-wing government.

Dr Jayusi said she was `cautiously optimistic` about the prospects for coexistence, but was concerned about chauvinistic (ultranationalist) tendencies among Jewish Israelis in the wake of the Hamas attack and the

The Arab Contingency Planning Center, an advocacy group based in Eilaboun, a predominantly Arab Christian village in the Galilee, has so far recorded more than 200 arrests of Arabs.

The domestic agenda of right-wing politicians in Israel does not help much either.

One of them is a law that increases penalties for unlicensed home builders, a vexing problem for non-Jews in Israel, who are said to often face discrimination in housing.

The remaining law – the Nation State Law – is considered offensive by minority communities, stating that `the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is reserved for the Jewish people only`.

At the end of the funeral of Abbas, the Druze officer who was killed, his grandfather, also a retired colonel, called for the repeal of those two laws.

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