Ukraine revealed its fatal weakness after losing the Donetsk fortress

Ukraine revealed its fatal weakness after losing the Donetsk fortress 0

(Dan Tri) – Observers warn that if Ukraine does not overcome the weakness of lacking a multi-layer defense system, they may have to pay a heavy price in the near future.

Barbed wire fence in an area of Ukraine where the defense line is located (Photo: Reuters).

Ukrainian military website Defense Express commented that Kiev forces do not have a multi-layered defense system with solid fortifications stretching along the front line.

Faced with a `drip` of military aid from the West, Ukraine has no choice but to defend itself, trying to repel the wave of fierce Russian attacks to gradually wear down Moscow’s forces, causing them to give up their intentions.

This form of combat requires a multi-layered defense system with fortified, pre-prepared positions.

Another example is Avdiivka.

Ukraine announced a withdrawal of troops to build a defense line to prevent Russia from continuing to advance, but in the past few days, they have continuously lost a number of villages.

Defense Express commented that the problem is that Ukraine does not seem to have taken the time to build solid defense systems in advance, leading to the loss of Avdiivka, many of Ukraine’s less solid defense lines.

On the front lines of the Ukrainian war, reconnaissance UAVs are being used with high frequency.

Defense Express commented that the Ukrainian army seems to have not taken the role of engineering forces seriously for many years.

It was now the commanders of combat brigades who were responsible for building the line.

A Ukrainian soldier on the front line admitted that the fact that each brigade built its own defense line made it difficult for them to link closely together.

`Defense must be comprehensive. It must have depth so that the opponent cannot go around it,` the soldier said, emphasizing that Ukraine has not created an effective defense system because it lacks comprehensiveness across the entire field.

By comparison, Russia often dispatches private construction companies to create defense lines, building ready-made concrete shelters and digging foxholes, trenches, and ditches according to a single master plan.

Thanks to that, in just a few months last year, Russia built a very solid 3-layer defense line, challenging the series of Western weapons aid that Ukraine deployed.

On the other hand, experts say that Ukraine still seems to want `active defense`.

Ukraine may not want to build too sturdy systems because it risks causing the war to fall into a static state, affecting future counterattack plans.

However, with Russia overwhelming in terms of military potential and weapons, Ukraine may have to consider other options for more effective defense because they have now gradually lost the initiative on the battlefield.

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