Man City and Arsenal continue to race `three horses` with Liverpool

Man City and Arsenal continue to race `three horses` with Liverpool 2

(Dan Tri) – Man City won 1-0 at Bournemouth, Arsenal continued to flourish with a 4-1 home win over Newcastle to continue to stay close to top team Liverpool.

Man City won hard at Bournemouth

Man City experienced a difficult match at Bournemouth when Guardiola’s team won 1-0.

Foden celebrates after scoring a goal for Man City (Photo: Getty).

The defending champion still has the habit of controlling the ball more than the opponent. However, although Bournemouth did not control the ball much, they deployed a good attack and had many shots that threatened Ederson’s goal.

According to post-match statistics, Man City controlled the ball 62% of the time, had 15 shots, and 6 times the ball hit the goal.

Bournemouth threatened Man City’s goal many times, but Ederson played well, constantly blocking the home team’s shots.

After round 26 of the Premier League, Man City has 59 points, continuing to rank second in the rankings with one point behind top team Liverpool.

Competition lineup (scoring)

Bournemouth (4-2-3-1): Neto 6.5;

Man City (4-2-3-1): Ederson 8;

Arsenal maintains brilliant form

It’s hard to believe that Arsenal can maintain their sublime form with high scoring efficiency for a long time in the Premier League.

Man City and Arsenal continue to race `three horses` with Liverpool

Arsenal is maintaining a high scoring performance in the Premier League (Photo: Getty)

`Gunners` created a one-sided match at home against Newcastle.

Newcastle rarely had counter-attacks, the away team only had 3 shots, 2 times the ball hit the goal.

Arsenal started confidently at home, the home team opened the scoring in the 18th minute, the goal was Botman’s own goal.

6 minutes after scoring the first goal, Arsenal doubled the gap thanks to Havertz.

Two goals helped Arsenal play comfortably, they took control of the match.

Man City and Arsenal continue to race `three horses` with Liverpool

Kiwior celebrates after scoring for Arsenal (Photo: Getty).

4 minutes after the third goal, Arsenal increased the score to 4-0.

After almost the whole match just defending, Newcastle suddenly had a good attack in the 84th minute. Burn crossed the ball from the right and Willock rushed in to head it, the ball spun up and passed Raya’s reach and went in.

After round 26, Arsenal has 58 points, ranked third, 2 points behind top team Liverpool, and 1 point behind Man City.

Competition lineup (scoring)

Arsenal (4-3-3): Raya 7;

Newcastle (4-3-3): Karius 6;

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