Challenges for Mr. Biden before the possibility of `rematching` Mr. Trump

Challenges for Mr. Biden before the possibility of `rematching` Mr. Trump 0

(Dan Tri) – US President Joe Biden is expected to face more challenges than in 2020 to defeat former President Donald Trump in this year’s election.

US President Joe Biden (left) and former President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty).

After the Super Tuesday primary election on March 5, the scenario of a rematch between US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in the election later this year is almost certain.

If this scenario takes place, this will be the first time a sitting president and his predecessor `face off` in a US general election since 1892.

However, unlike 2020 when Mr. Biden prevailed over Mr. Trump throughout the entire election campaign, this time, the incumbent President faces a more challenging path.

Surveys published earlier this month by the New York Times, CBS, Fox News, and Wall Street Journal all showed that the support rate for Mr. Trump was 2-4 points higher than that of Mr. Biden.

In 2020, in the states where Mr. Biden won the electoral votes, Mr. Biden’s votes were only slightly higher than Mr. Trump’s.

The most recent survey shows that he is ahead by at least 5 points in the states of Arizona, Georgia and Nevada while no Democratic candidate has ever lost in Nevada since 2004. Sun Belt states include

In other words, Mr. Trump is currently leading Mr. Biden, although the gap is not large, but in enough states to win the electoral vote if the election happens right now.

American voters say that the top issues facing the country are related to the economy or immigration.

According to surveys, Mr. Biden’s current support rate fluctuates around 40%.

From now until the general election, Mr. Biden can narrow the gap.

To get more people to turn their backs on Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden’s best hope may lie in four criminal indictments against the former President.

According to a New York Times survey, 18% of Mr. Trump’s supporters said that even if Mr. Trump were impeached, they would still support him.

The question is whether over the next eight months Mr. Trump’s weaknesses will begin to reveal themselves more than Mr. Biden’s.

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