Hong Diem reveals her revenge transformation in the movie `Heart Rescue Station`

(Dan Tri) – Hong Diem recently shared about her role as Ngan Ha in the movie `Heart Rescue Station`.

After 2 years since playing Phuong in Journey of Justice, Hong Diem returned to the screen as her forte character – a gentle, weak and unhappy woman in marriage – Ngan Ha at the Rescue Station.

Taking on a familiar role makes Hong Diem give viewers a `boring` feeling, her character also received many mixed opinions.

In the first 14 episodes of the movie Heart Rescue Station, Hong Diem was commented as `one color`, `bland`, `not suitable for the role`, `no breakthrough`…

Hong Diem in the movie `Heart Rescue Station` (Photo: VTV).

However, in recent episodes, the film’s development has had details showing unexpected changes in the Milky Way.

Television audiences watching the movie Heart Rescue Station are also looking forward to Hong Diem’s Ngan Ha will strongly stand up and avenge herself and her family after she faced a series of incidents: Her father was hospitalized and then passed away.

Sharing in the recent VTV Connect program, Hong Diem said, Ngan Ha will `transform` and she will definitely reclaim what she lost.

`If Ngan Ha immediately turned into a powerful superhero, I don’t think it would be the same as real life. Surely Ngan Ha’s journey – the journey of recovering and healing wounds, finding justice for herself

Therefore, I hope the audience will watch the movie to see how Ngan Ha regains what was lost,` Hong Diem said.

Hong Diem shared in the program `VTV connection` (Video: VTV).

After the new episodes aired, the fact that Ngan Ha placed too much faith in Nghia also caused heated debate among the audience: Some felt sympathy but others were angry.

Faced with those mixed reactions, Hong Diem explained: `Ngan Ha, from childhood to adulthood, lacked a mother’s affection, so when she has such a loving father and husband, she believes very much in that affection. When a

Hong Diem shared that she sympathized with the audience’s grievances and frustrations.

Hong Diem also said that the scene of `turning the cards over` between Ngan Ha and Nghia was the most psychologically difficult scene for her.

`The most shocking thing is that Ngan Ha heard all the stories from the husband she loved and trusted. That was the ultimate suffering for Ngan Ha. In that situation for Ngan Ha, it was multi-dimensional emotions.

I don’t know if what I did and broadcast satisfied the viewers or not, but until now it’s still a difficult segment for me,` she confided.

On the contrary, Hong Diem’s favorite scenes according to the actress shared are the scenes between Ngan Ha and her mother Lan (People’s Artist Thu Ha) and father Truong (Merit Artist Pham Cuong).

Hong Diem said that in the future there will be many emotional scenes between mother and daughter that will make her very emotional.

Hong Diem reveals her revenge transformation in the movie `Heart Rescue Station`

The character Ngan Ha will have a notable `transformation` (Photo: VTV).

`Looking at it positively, even though Ngan Ha encountered terrible events in her marriage, Ngan Ha still lived in love. That was her father’s love, her mother’s love later, and especially her

Sharing about the next developments in the movie Heart Rescue Station, Hong Diem revealed that Ngan Ha’s character line will develop more in the future.

Hong Diem reveals her revenge transformation in the movie `Heart Rescue Station`

Hong Diem likes Ngan Ha’s emotional scenes with her parents (Photo: VTV).

The actress also said that the content the film wants to convey is that every person, every character in the film, when injured, needs time to heal and recover.

With the unaired excerpts of the movie Heart Rescue Station revealed by VTV, it can be seen that Ngan Ha has strongly `transformed` and openly confronted Nghia and An Nhien directly, making these two people very shocked.

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